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Rush To Digital Transformation Is Creating Gaps In Infrastructure Security


The pandemic has put companies on a highway to accelerate their digital transformation and cloud migration efforts. However, rushing towards digital transformation can, and does, create gaps in security. Usually what happens is that companies start picking up any SaaS application they can get their hands on. They then try to put their data and SaaS together. That creates some secret security issues. In this interview, Rob Hirschfeld, CEO, and Co-Founder of RackN, talks about these security gaps and what solutions are there to fill these gaps.


Topics we discussed:
– Rushing to digital transformation creates gaps in security
– What is Silos as a Service?
– How Digital Rebar automates infrastructure security?
– How secure is Secure Boot?
– Why users don’t enable secure boot by default?
– Are there any trusted measures to enhance security?

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