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Salt Security Adds New Capabilities To Secure GraphQL APIs


Salt Security has announced new capabilities in its next-generation Salt Security API Protection Platform to secure GraphQL APIs. This update will help users of GraphQL, an open-source query language used to build APIs, to leverage Salt Security to discover APIs, mitigate data exposure, stop attacks, and eliminate vulnerabilities at their source.

Utilizing its patented AI- and ML-based Big Data engine, the Salt Security platform baselines legitimate system behavior to effectively identify attackers in real time, stopping these bad actors while they’re still performing reconnaissance and using their probing activities like penetration testers to gain insights for hardening APIs.

The Salt platform’s new capabilities for securing GraphQL parse the complex structure of each query to identify unique object entities, building a complete inventory of GraphQL APIs and creating the baseline for identifying and stopping attacks.

The Salt Security API Protection Platform integrates with DevOps tools such as Jira and Slack to ensure that remediation details are routed to the right development team and can help track tickets to ensure remediation fixes are implemented and business risk eliminated. It also ties into SIEM platforms such as Splunk and Sumo Logic to enable incident response for SecOps teams.

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