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Samsung, GBL Systems Deploying 5G Testbeds At U.S. Military Test Sites


Samsung Electronics America and GBL Systems, a provider of systems engineering, software services, advanced technology solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), have begun deploying new 5G testbeds for augmented reality/virtual reality at U.S. Army military bases.

For the new 5G testbeds, GBL has responsibility for prototype creation, technology integration, and aligning the solution with DoD requirements. At the same time, Samsung will deliver its 5G end-to-end solution and technical expertise, including Samsung’s latest network products, such as its Massive MIMO Radios, cloud-native 5G Standalone (SA) Core, and Galaxy 5G mobile devices.

Through the testing process, the two companies will work with the DoD to verify the deployment of a scalable, resilient and secure 5G network for AR/VR-based mission planning and training.

GBL and Samsung will design their 5G testbeds to support AR scenarios to elevate live field military training exercises. Simulated scenarios include virtual obstacles found in the combat theatre, and overlays of data and instruments relied on by military personnel.

Testing will start in a lab environment using Samsung’s mmWave and mid-band 5G radios. Field testing will then follow two U.S. Army training bases that will support a live and simulated Army brigade. These field tests will primarily use mid-band 5G radios to maximize coverage and expand training capacity from a company-level to ultimately a brigade-level of soldiers.

The 5G testbeds are part of a broader DoD initiative announced in October 2020, which awarded $600 million in contracts for 5G testing at several U.S. military test sites.

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