SAP Joins Hands With Columbia University To Improve Diversity In Cybersecurity


SAP has joined hands with Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) to identify and develop early talent in the cybersecurity sector. This alliance aims to help improve diversity in the cybersecurity sector by collaborating on a curriculum, providing more internships and early career opportunities, enabling better knowledge transfer between the organizations and encouraging early talent to explore new career opportunities.

SAP plans to lead events on and off campus, contribute to thought leadership programs, host career events and sponsor Capstone workshops – SIPA’s signature consulting projects, which give students the opportunity to work with and advise external clients.

According to Jason Healey, senior research scholar at Columbia SIPA and a pioneer of cyberthreat intelligence, the school is looking forward to the opportunities this relationship will provide for students.

“Due to SAP’s funding, we’re already finding new opportunities to reach out to our diverse student body to let them know about the amazing job prospects in cybersecurity, even for those outside of STEM,” Healey said. “The events, projects, information and first-hand experience our students will have access to will be extremely valuable for their career development.”

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