Say Hello To Next-Gen Pulumi Azure Provider


Pulumi has announced the release of a Pulumi-native provider for Microsoft Azure that is claimed to provide 100% coverage of Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

The new provider gives users same-day updates for additions and changes to Azure APIs including new ARM capabilities. It also enables codification of provisioning, delivery, architecture, policy and testing using a range of familiar languages including TypeScript, C#, Python and Go.

Available in preview today for all Pulumi languages, the new Pulumi azurerm provider will coexist with the current azure provider. Pulumi users will be able to select and use either or both providers within their applications.

The company also said that the new Pulumi Azure projects will default to use the azurerm provider once the provider reaches general availability.

The new Pulumi Azure provider is available now in NPM, PyPI, Nuget, Go Modules and at GitHub.

API documentation is now available and includes more than 1,000 resource examples.

The company plans to share more on the next-gen Pulumi Azure provider and its future vision at the first annual Cloud Engineering Summit, being held October 7 and 8.

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