ServiceNow Announces New Security Operations‑Focused Integrations With Microsoft


ServiceNow has announced new security operations‑focused integrations with Microsoft, extending the two companies’ existing partnership. New integrations with the ServiceNow Security Operations Solution Suite include Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Threat & Vulnerability Management, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft SharePoint.

According to the company, these integrations will help security operations teams make smarter decisions across security planning, management, and incident response.

Other ServiceNow Security Operations integrations with Microsoft announced include:

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  • Microsoft Teams integration with Major Security Incident Management (a feature of ServiceNow Security Incident Response) that streamlines and improves collaboration on critical security incidents through automated setup of dedicated Teams channels and sharing of collaboration and chat activities to the major security incident case record to maintain transparency of communications.
  • SharePoint integration with Major Security Incident Management (a feature of ServiceNow Security Incident Response) centralizes the evidence gathered by teams during critical security incidents by automating the creation of SharePoint folder structures. The artefacts created by the different incident response groups are consolidated for visibility in the major security incident case record.
  • Microsoft Threat & Vulnerability Management integration with ServiceNow Vulnerability Response takes in asset information, vulnerabilities, and recommendations by prioritizing vulnerabilities using asset and business context and driving remediation workflows. Remediation owners are able to action the highest risk items using pre‑populated solution details to improve the security posture of an organization.

General availability of Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Threat & Vulnerability Management integrations is expected starting June 2021.

Limited availability of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint integrations is expected in June 2021, with general availability planned later in the year.

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