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Shells, openSUSE Announce Collaboration


Shells and openSUSE Project have joined hands to expand the use of Shells with the availability of openSUSE distributions on Shells’ private virtual desktop environment powered by cloud computing.

Shells has multiple use cases and openSUSE distributions are just one of many other operating systems offered by Shells. With the partnership, openSUSE will be a member of Shells Affiliate Program. The two organizations are working closely on a way to allow users to trial the distribution and its desktop environments.

Further extending this partnership, Shells has become an Emerald Sponsor of this year’s openSUSE Conference and Lee will give a keynote on June 18.

Developers can rapidly spin up multiple secure environments that are automatically backed up. Music producers can access production grade programs across devices to collaborate on the next hit.

The use of Shells by educators allows for remote learning on any device, which becomes affordable, less complex for students and the accessibility and learning with the many operating systems and tools add synergy to the classroom. Students across the world can easily access openSUSE distributions on whatever device that is available to them, whether that be at school, the library or at home.

A key member of the Shells tech team involved with the collaboration is Debian developer and former Purism Chief Technical Officer Zlatan Todoric.

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