Shipa 1.4 Brings Auto-Discovery To Application-as-Code Platform


Shipa has announced the launch of Shipa 1.4, which adds new automated features and capabilities to unlock a more efficient and powerful AppOpps model of cloud-native application development.

With Shipa 1.4, users can now leverage application auto-discovery to automatically build an application-as-code framework for applications that are not already managed by Shipa, simply by installing Shipa on the same cluster. Shipa 1.4 also offers an improved experience for application deployment via the Shipa dashboard, complete with canary deployments, customizable applications ports, and extended deployments using shipa.yaml.

Additionally, Shipa 1.4 introduces an improved and streamlined framework wizard that offers a basic workflow for efficiently creating frameworks in minimal steps, as well as an advanced workflow with the tool’s complete breadth of powerful options.

“Put simply, Shipa does for applications what Terraform has done for infrastructure,” said Bruno Andrade, CEO, Shipa. “For current Shipa users and those curious about the transformative power of AppOps, Shipa 1.4 makes it even easier for development and DevOps teams to realize significant workflow gains that become increasingly valuable at scale.”

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