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SIOS Protection Suite For Linux 9.5.2 Goes GA


SIOS Technology has announced the GA release of SIOS Protection Suite for Linux version 9.5.2 clustering software. It offers enhanced automation and application failover orchestration that makes creating and managing high availability (HA) clusters in complex SAP S/4HANA environments easier and more reliable for enterprises.

SIOS also recently released SIOS Protection Suite for Windows version 8.8.0 clustering software featuring innovations designed to make HA clustering in the cloud faster and easier.

New features and capabilities in SIOS Protection Suite for Linux 9.5.2 include enhanced, Comprehensive Support for HA in GCP and availability of all functions of GUI via CLI.

The release also supports a new HANA “Takeover with Handshake” feature enabling near-zero downtime time during switchovers by eliminating the potentially time-consuming process of shutting down the primary HANA server database. As a result, customers can perform planned maintenance without disrupting ongoing service to end-users. It updates existing messages to make error messages and logs clearer and easier for customers to understand and act on.

SIOS Protection Suite for Windows, version 8.8.0 features advanced disaster recovery protection for critical applications on AWS EC2 and enhanced support for Microsoft Azure Cloud Internal Load Balancer for fast, reliable cluster failovers.

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux and SIOS Protection Suite for Windows, include SIOS LifeKeeper, SIOS DataKeeper and Application Recovery Kits (ARKs).

SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition includes maintenance updates for the company’s replication software which enables SANless clustering in conjunction with Windows Server Failover Clustering.

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux version 9.5.2 is generally available. SIOS Protection Suite for Windows version 8.8.0 and SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition 8.8.0 are also generally available.

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