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SIOS Protection Suite For Linux V 9.6.0 Comes With New Enhancements For Azure & SAP HANA Databases


SIOS Technology Corp. offers high availability and disaster recovery solutions to ensure availability and eliminate data loss for critical Windows and Linux applications operating across physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. The company recently announced the SIOS Protection Suite for Linux Version 9.6.0 which enhances data integrity protection in Microsoft Azure and enables up to five times faster recovery time for SAP HANA databases. To learn more about this release and its new capabilities, we hosted Adrienne Cooley, Senior Product Owner at SIOS Technology Corp.

Topics we covered:

  • What exactly is a split-brain scenario in a clustered environment?
  • What are the methods used to avoid Split Brain?
  • Are there other ways to avoid Split Brain?
  • So in addition to protecting data integrity, you also need to ensure fast recovery time. What kind of things does your product do to ensure faster recovery?
  • Are there any other new application recovery kit (ARK) features in the latest version?

Guest: Adrienne Cooley (LinkedIn)
Company: SIOS Technology Corp. (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

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