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SIOS Technology Shares Best Practices For High Availability For SAP Environments


Moving IT systems to the cloud has a wide range of economic and technical benefits. However, one of the key challenges that still remains is the high availability (HA) of service-level agreements (SLAs) for mission-critical applications such as SAP. SIOS Technology provides solutions to tackle these HA challenges and failover protection for SAP components and the entire SAP landscape.

“Although moving to the cloud can present a wide range of economic and technical benefits, there are some areas where the public cloud platforms are still a little bit lacking specifically with regard to meeting high availability SLAs for mission-critical applications like SAP,” says Harry Aujla, EMEA Technical Director at SIOS Technology, on this episode of TFiR Insights.

Key highlights from this video interview are:

  • Aujla discusses the use-case of one of their customers in the polymer manufacturing sector. He explains the challenges the customer is facing with high availability in SAP.
  • While many are moving all of their IT operations to the cloud, meeting demanding high availability SLAs for mission-critical applications like SAP can present challenges. Aujla explains why in some instances it is important for customers to have high availability technology that is certified by SAP themselves and how that influenced their high availability strategy.
  • Aujla details how SIOS Technology helped their customer in the polymer manufacturing sector overcome their challenges with high availability in SAP and how the solution worked.
  • Although some of SIOS Technology’s customers are in the manufacturing industry, the company serves other sectors too. Aujla discusses the challenges with high availability in the healthcare industry and why it is increasingly being targeted by ransomware attacks.
  • Aujla discusses a healthcare use-case from Australia, why it was so important for them to have high availability of their systems and how SIOS Technology’s DataKeeper Cluster Edition helped them achieve this.
  • Aujla imparts some of the best practices for implementing high availability strategies for both manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

Guest: Harry Aujla (LinkedIn)
Company: SIOS Technology Corp. (Twitter)
Show: TFiR Insights
Keyword: High Availability, High Availability In SAP, Disaster Recovery

About Harry Aujla: With over 20 years of experience in the IT business continuity sector, he adds a wealth of expertise for enterprises who are looking to build IT continuity strategies across their businesses. Consulting across many vertical sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, government, and more, he has been privileged to represent vendors who specialize in high availability, disaster recovery, and fault tolerant computing techniques. During his career, Harry has spent time in various roles such as technical consultant, salesperson, and technical trainer.

About SIOS Technology: SIOS Technology high availability and disaster recovery solutions ensure availability and eliminate data loss for critical Windows and Linux applications operating across physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. SIOS clustering software is essential for any IT infrastructure with applications requiring a high degree of resiliency, ensuring uptime without sacrificing performance or data – protecting businesses from local failures and regional outages, planned and unplanned. Founded in 1999, SIOS Technology Corp. is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices worldwide.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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