Slim.AI Joins Docker Extension Program


Slim.AI, the Boston-based startup focused on optimizing and securing cloud-native applications, is the newest member of the Docker Extension Program. Docker Extensions demonstrates Docker’s commitment to improving the developer experience by bringing the tools developers use most to an environment where they can more easily focus on innovation and less time on everything else.

The free version of the Slim.AI Docker Extension offers developers the following capabilities without authentication to the Slim.AI Platform: easy to access deep analyses of local container images by tag, security insights, optimization opportunities, fully searchable File Explorer, the ability to compare any two local images or image tags and reverse engineered Dockerfiles for each image when the originals are not available.

With API Token Authentication to the Slim.AI Platform, developers can search across multiple public and authenticated registries for quality images, as well as view deep analysis, insights, and File Explorer for images across available registries prior to pulling them down to a local machine.

Docker Extensions allow developers to easily discover and integrate new functionality and additional developer tools into Docker Desktop. With Docker Extensions, they can add debugging, testing, networking, security, and other tools to their Docker Desktop installation to support development workflow and improve productivity.

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