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SODA Foundation Announces v2.0 Greenland Release


The SODA Foundation, an open source project under Linux Foundation, has announced the Greenland release of its Open Data Framework. The release is aimed at simplifying data storage in heterogeneous environments.

The 2.0 version of SODA Foundation’s Open Data Framework includes Storage Performance Monitoring (SPM), SODA CSI plug-and-play, multi-cloud file services, KubeEdge integration and file support for NetApp ONTAP, among others.

SPM is claimed to offer a unified view in heterogeneous storage environments. It integrates with tools such as Prometheus and Kafka to provide deep visibility and insights into cloud native environments.

Further, SODA CSI plug-and-play enables multi-vendor CSI storage to be managed by the SODA Open Data Framework, simplifying storage management for Kubernetes.

Multi-cloud file services offer support for Google Cloud Platform in addition to AWS and Azure. KubeEdge integration experimental feature provides a first glimpse into edge data management with SODA.

File Support for NetApp ONTAP and more South Bound Drivers enables more on-premise Data Center use cases.

Greenland builds on the previous Faroe release, which included support for block, file, and object storage, multi cloud data control, telemetry, resource management across heterogeneous storage, Container Storage Interface (CSI) storage plug-and-play as an experimental feature that simplifies Kubernetes storage management by abstracting CSI storage with SODA.

The SODA Foundation has also announced Japan Data Storage Forum (JDSF) and Seagate Technology as its new members. These two companies in the data storage space will help the Foundation further accelerate data mobility and autonomy across the industry.

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