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SODA Foundation Expands Charter To Support Increasing Need For Data Autonomy


SODA Foundation (formerly OpenSDS) is expanding to include both open source software and standards to support the increasing need for data autonomy, the Linux Foundation announced at the first-ever virtual Open Source Summit on Monday. SODA Foundation hosts an open source, unified and autonomous data management framework for data mobility from edge to core to cloud.

Premiere members include China Unicom, Fujitsu, Huawei, NTT Communications and Toyota Motor Corporation. Other members include China Construction Bank Fintech, Click2Cloud, GMO Pepabo, IIJ, MayaData, LinBit, Scality, Sony, Wipro and Yahoo Japan.

As part of the expansion, China Unicom is said to be contributing its S3-compatible object storage YIG project to the SODA Foundation. YIG is the first in a line of projects that are joining the Foundation through the SODA Incubator program designed to foster an ecosystem of data and storage projects by supporting their growth through community outreach, collaboration and adoption.

The SODA Foundation has also released Faroe, the 1.0 version of its open unified data framework software for cloud native and more.

With support for block, file, and object storage, multicloud data control, telemetry and resource management across heterogeneous storage, Faroe is said to eliminate data silos, delivers integrated data management and enables seamless data mobility between on-premise and multicloud. Faroe also includes Container Storage Interface (CSI) storage plug-and-play as an experimental feature that simplifies Kubernetes storage management by abstracting CSI storage with SODA.

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