Solo.io has announced the WebAssembly OCI Image Specification. The initiative is aimed at defining a standard format for bundling and storing a Wasm module and its metadata as an OCI (Open Container Initiative) image to facilitate interoperability across different solutions.

WebAssembly is an open standard portable binary instruction format providing an embeddable and safe execution environment for platform extensions.

WebAssembly has been adopted by the Envoy community for extending the Envoy Proxy and Envoy-based solutions like Gloo and Istio.

Solo.io recently released the WebAssembly Hub, a community resource for building and sharing WebAssembly extensions for Envoy, with integration to Gloo and Istio out of the box.

Solo.io has now provided specifications for WebAssembly OCI Images to standardize distribution and allow production adoption.

The OCI is a lightweight, open governance structure for creating open industry standards for container formats and runtime.

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