CloudDevelopersNews Introduces Istio-Based Gloo Mesh Enterprise For Business-Critical Environments

0 has announced expanded capabilities for its Gloo Mesh platform, Gloo Mesh Enterprise. These capabilities deliver both service mesh management and a full-featured API gateway built on or for Istio environments — all customizable for any requirements. Gloo Mesh Enterprise now also includes Gloo Mesh Gateway, a full-featured API gateway along with multi-cluster aware Gloo Portal.

​​The enhanced Gloo Mesh Enterprise unifies and simplifies the process of setting up and managing multi-cluster and multi-mesh service mesh environments, sparing companies the pain of building or operating multiple tools themselves. recently announced the general availability of the company’s API gateway based on Envoy Proxy, Gloo Edge 1.8, which is bundled with Gloo Portal 1.0, a full-featured developer portal for API management to catalog and share APIs. Gloo Mesh Enterprise encompasses key features of both Gloo Edge and Gloo Portal, with multiple versions available now on a single platform with unified SKUs and common management.

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Gloo Portal is now also fully integrated with Gloo Mesh Enterprise, offering the industry’s only multi-cluster, native developer portal for Istio. Customers can select from the following offerings to meet various requirements for their particular environments:

Gloo Mesh Enterprise now provides upstream open source Istio as a service mesh, an enhanced control plane for defining, enforcing, and observing behavior, as well as observability improvements that allow customers to more readily monitor, troubleshoot, and track behaviors over time, improved security certificate management, added N-4 version support for Istio (currently 1.11 and the four previous versions) for Istio as well as discovery of multiple available ingress gateways for each managed service mesh, plus the VirtualMesh abstraction.

Gloo Mesh Gateway now offers almost all capabilities available in Gloo Edge. Gloo Edge is still available for customers who only need Envoy Proxy to act as an API gateway or point of ingress to Kubernetes clusters.

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