Solo.io has launched Gloo Federation, a multi-cluster, federated control plane that streamlines configuration and application traffic management. Solo.io said that it designed Gloo Federation together with its enterprise customers as a powerful unified control plane to manage across all of their Gloo instances.

Gloo is Solo.io’s cloud-native API Gateway and Ingress Controller. The Envoy Proxy-based API gateway connects, secures and controls incoming traffic to a company’s portfolio of backend application services.

Gloo Federation, a new capability for Gloo Enterprise, brings together multiple Gloo instances deployed across clusters, clouds and regions for streamlined configuration and traffic management through a unified control plane.

“Scaling has always been a major driving force in our design of Gloo,” said Idit Levine, CEO of Solo.io. “Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed an increase in the scale and complexity of our customers’ environments, and with it a growth in the number of Gloo instances they run. Gloo Federation addresses multiple ideas and requests from our customers, who wanted to simplify the management of their environment and leverage the capabilities of Gloo.”

As Gloo Federation provides customers with a single pane of glass through which they can view all of their services across clusters and clouds, this comprehensive visibility enables admins to centrally configure all of their Gloo instances, either individually or in groups. Admins then connect their Gloo instances to provide failover capabilities and location-based routing, the company explained.

Gloo Federation builds upon Gloo 1.4, the most recent version of Gloo announced last month.

Gloo Federation features Global Dashboard, Global Configuration, Multi-Cluster Failover Routing, Location-Based Routing as well as Role-Based Access Control.

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