Enterprise cloud-native infrastructure company Spectro Cloud has announced that its first product—Spectro Cloud—is now generally available. The product has been in private beta select enterprises in the Global 2000 since January.

Spectro Cloud is said to provide scalable, policy-based management of Kubernetes for enterprises that need flexibility and consistent management of their infrastructure, whether it is in public cloud, private cloud, bare metal or in any combination.

Also, Spectro Cloud is said to help enterprises customize a Kubernetes infrastructure stack for specific business needs by using a declarative model to define cluster profiles.

Spectro Cloud uses these cluster profiles to automate deployment and maintenance of clusters across the enterprise. Canary deployments, patterns for rolling out releases to a subset of users or servers, ensure Kubernetes upgrades don’t break dependencies on other ecosystem components while keeping everything consistent with enterprise-wide standards.

Spectro Cloud said it has also been awarded a Top 3 ranking by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) in the Hybrid Cloud Management – Managed Hybrid Kubernetes category of the EMA Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide 2020.

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