Speedscale Releases Free Observability Tool For API Calls


Speedscale has launched Speedscale CLI, a free observability tool that inspects, detects and maps API calls on local applications or containers. The offering underscores the importance of continued and proactive API testing to quickly detect and debug defects within a shifting array of upstream and downstream interdependencies.

Speedscale CLI is a desktop tool that offers Service Mapping, enabling developers to auto-detect and map external dependencies that could break in production, without having to send their data anywhere; Traffic viewer, for logging and tracing API calls into and out-of an API that’s under development. Oftentimes headers, cookies, message bodies and authentication can be difficult to understand — especially in complex protocols such as gRPC; and Latency detection, allowing users to understand which API calls are slow and how code changes impact performance in order to focus optimization efforts.

Speedscale’s commercial product supplements CLI’s observability capabilities with automated API-level testing, automated mock-environment creation and report generation.

Ken Ahrens, co-founder and CEO of Speedscale, said: “We’re offering Speedscale CLI at no charge because we recognize that API visibility is the foundation all cloud native developers need to validate functionality and correct defects before the code is released.”

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