Spotinst joins AWS Partner Network Global Startups program


Cloud computing startup Spotinst has extended its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by joining the AWS Partner Network (APN) Global Startups program.

According to AWS, Spotinst provides its customers with additional options to combine AWS features and pricing choices, for a variety of customer workloads.

Prior to this, Spotinst reached AWS Container Competency status as one of the launch APN Partners, and now Spotinst’s software is becoming available on AWS Marketplace.

Spotinst runs a significant amount of containers workloads on AWS on behalf of its customers and is well known for its reliable orchestration of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, the company added.

Spotinst’s Elastigroup and Ocean are designed to leverage AWS core services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) to reduce operational overhead and infrastructure costs through automation and the intelligent use of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

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