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StackRox Selected As Accredited Kubernetes-Native Security Platform For Iron Bank


The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform has been certified as a standard security and compliance platform in DoD’s Hardened Container Repository.

StackRox received accreditation from Iron Bank, formerly known as Department of Defense Centralized Artifacts Repository, as part of the DoD’s Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative.

The DoD is implementing the Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative to enable agencies to develop applications more rapidly and in a more secure manner to increase the warfighter’s competitive advantage.

The StackRox Platform has been certified for compliance with the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Container Hardening guide and accredited for use by the DoD to enable automated testing and container security.

A critical element of this accreditation is the ability to ensure security activities occur in all phases of the DevSecOps application lifecycle and facilitate automated risk characterization, monitoring and mitigation.

StackRox is among the first vendors included in the DoD’s DevSecOps product stack and provides a Kubernetes-native security and compliance platform that protects applications across build, deploy and runtime phases.