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StarRocks Helps Simplify Data Pipelines For Real-Time Analytics | Li Kang


StarRocks was founded in 2020, aiming to build a world-class analytical database that could support real-time analytics and batch-based analytics workload. Since its creation, the company has gained approximately 500 companies using its products, with 120 of them being enterprise customers.

Latency can be problematic with companies wanting a shorter delay between events happening and when you can use that event to make the next business decision. Whereas it used to be updated daily, now people would like to have that information instantaneously. StarRocks combines together the latest events with the historical data to enable better decision making. The company’s real-time query performance can support over ten thousand queries per second.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Li Kang, VP of Strategy at StarRocks to discuss the company and what problem they are solving. He takes a deep dive into the use cases they are seeing and the trends they are seeing with cloud and the growth of data. Kang explains their competitors and what makes StarRocks stand out.

Key highlights from this video interview are:

  • Kang shares two of their use cases: Airbnb and a social media company. He explains that StarRocks is providing the data service layer in the latest implementation of Airbnb’s Minerva project and is also providing the advertisement data platform for the social media company. He discusses the problems they were facing and how StarRocks helps.
  • The pandemic was a catalyst for companies moving to the cloud. StarRocks was created during the pandemic and has seen the landscape change during that time. Kang feels that companies are managing to support business in the cloud more effectively, and this is driving the rise in analytics applications like StarRocks.
  • The growth of data is presenting new challenges with the need for new capabilities or engineering breakthroughs to handle the volume of data. One of the key challenges for analytics applications is not processing changes effectively due to dealing with data in batch mode and latency. However, Kang explains how StarRocks is changing that.
  • Kang discusses the competitors in the data analytics space such as ClickHouse, Apache Druid, and Apache Pinot. He explains how a breakthrough in query engine, query planning, and query optimization sets them apart from their competitors. He goes into detail about why their query performance is better and the benefits they have seen.
  • Open source lies at the heart of StarRocks and they believe it is critical to their success since it is easier for people to test it out, ask questions, and contribute. Kang explains the community they have built and how it is helping not just StarRocks but also the analytics software ecosystem as a whole.

Connect with Li Kang (LinkedIn)
Learn more about StarRocks (Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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