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State Of Energy Episode 1: COP 26 Special | LF Energy Provides Some Hope In The Midst Of Climate Crisis


Guest: Shuli Goodman (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Organization: LF Energy (Twitter)

Climate change is one of the grimmest crises we as a civilization have ever faced. While the planet will continue to evolve with time, it’s us humans who are running out the clock as more and more places on Earth become uninhabitable. Shuli Goodman, Executive Director of LF Energy, compares it to the game of musical chairs where with every round a chair (a habitable place) is being removed, there are less chairs left for people to sit on. Consequently, a time will come when there will be a conflict between people to fight for the remaining chairs. Shuli believes cutting down on carbon emissions is one of the keys to addressing this urgent problem. I feel that LF Energy can play a very critical role here in driving that change and not only become a catalyst, but also a leader to bring those changes. I believe that LF Energy has the ability to provide tremendous hope to people in terms of decarbonization and transforming our economies,” agrees Shuli.

We recorded this show ahead of COP 26 which will take place from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, UK. Here are some of the topics that we discussed:

  • Impact of climate change on our world
  • How is the energy sector contributing to the problem and how are they also going to become a part of the solution?
  • Energy sector is going through its own digital transformation leveraging open source technologies. How is this going to help companies achieve their decarbonization goals?
  • What role is LF Energy playing to bring different players of the energy sector together to help them with their digital transformation journey?
  • This is not a US only problem, it’s a planet scale crisis. What positive changes are happening around the world that give us some hope?
  • What are the things that Shuli and LF Energy are excited about in context of the upcoming COP 26?

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