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Sternum Launches Free Security And Observability Platform For OpenWrt IoT Devices


Sternum, the autonomous IoT security and observability company, has introduced a no-time-limit free license for its platform. Using this license, users will be able to deploy Sternum for free on any OpenWrt device. This is in addition to the premium license Sternum provides for RTOS devices (e.g., Zephyr, FreeRTOS, VxWorks, Micrium, etc.) and all other embedded Linux distributions.

Through a fast-paced in-field deployment process lasting just a few minutes, owners of OpenWrt devices will be able to deploy Sternum for free on up to three pieces of hardware. This will provide them with a first-hand experience of all of the security and observability features of the company’s patented EIV (Embedded Integrity Verification) and ADS (Analytics & Detection System) technologies.

OpenWrt is a popular open-source Linux distribution that powers millions of routers, including those deployed at critical infrastructure hubs. Although versatile, powerful, and effective, it is still vulnerable to exploits ranging from remote code execution to buffer overflow, which give hackers the means to take control of a device. A successful IoT hack exploiting these vectors can take a major toll on a business, resulting — amongst other things — in downtime and data loss.

With its free license, lightweight footprint solution, and agile deployment model, Sternum offers companies a way around these issues, empowering the OpenWrt community to easily experience a new standard for security and observability.

Users can access the free license at https://app.Sternum.Cloud/Home.

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