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StorageOS Rebrands As Ondat, Launches SaaS Platform For Data Services


Guest: Alex Chircop (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Ondat (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Ondat, a company dedicated to building software-defined solutions for cloud-native environments, is in the process of rebranding itself. The reason for the rebrand is to capture the changes that are happening in various markets. According to Alex Chircop, Founder and CEO at Ondat, “We’re seeing this movement where developers are actually becoming more and more responsible for everything in their environment.” Chircop continues, “It can be a bit of an abuse to term, but it’s the concept of everything shifting left to the developer. And this is happening in testing, CI/CD, storage, and networking.”

But what about the shift left which is happening in reality? Developers aren’t just seeing more responsibility, but have to deploy more and more apps with quicker iterations. To this, Chircop says, “You can’t necessarily expect a developer or a DevOps team to be knowledgeable about every item.”

Ondat has a new solution, the Ondat SaaS platform. This new platform is not a host for data or a private cloud. Instead, what they’re doing, according to Chircop, is “providing a really simple way of getting the Ondat data services and scalable performance storage for those stateful applications into your cluster, and providing a really easy way of managing that.”

The new service isn’t targeted at a specific use case, but rather a broad set of customers and use cases. However, the main use case for the new service is stateful applications, which Chircop says, “could be an application that’s actually written by the customer themselves who needs access to persistent data that’s highly available in performance to deploying high-end databases.”

As far as an ecosystem is concerned, Ondat is trying to make it simple for developers to build their stateful applications and build the dependencies for those applications. Anyone willing to sign up for the early access beta can go to

This summary was written by Jack Wallen.

Topics we covered include:

  • StorageOS recently rebranded itself to Ondat. What’s the strategy behind this rebranding?
  • We are breaking old silos, but creating new ones. So in reality, are we still creating silos?
  • Let’s now talk about the Ondat platform. Is it the same code as of StorageOS or is it a totally new product under the new branding designed for the cloud-native workloads?
  • What kind of use cases are there for Ondat? Who are you targeting with it?
  • Are you also looking at the Edge use case?
  • Since it’s a platform, is there also a marketplace of ecosystems around it so the community can enhance the functionality of the platform?
  • You recently released the beta. For how long will you run it? What kind of insights are you planning to collect with the beta and how people can access it?
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