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Striim Cloud Now Available On Google Cloud


Striim has announced the availability of Striim Cloud on Google Cloud, to help customers deliver real-time data and insights to power business intelligence and decision-making to meet the needs of the digital economy. According to the company, Striim Cloud is the industry’s first and only fully-managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for real-time streaming data integration and analytics. With a few clicks, customers can easily build real-time data pipelines to stream trillions of events every day, backed by enterprise-grade operational, security, and management features.

Striim Cloud’s zero-maintenance, infinitely scalable platform enables customers to transform their businesses by adopting new cloud models, digitizing legacy systems, and modernizing their application infrastructure. Combined with Google Cloud’s unified data and AI models, enterprises will have the abilities and technologies needed to leverage their data to improve their business.

Striim Cloud on Google Cloud delivers the real-time autonomous data pipelines that enable enterprises of all sizes, from FORTUNE 50 giants to startups, to seamlessly evolve their legacy application architectures to modern, cloud-native architectures with minimum disruption. The platform uses change data capture (CDC) to detect source database changes, removing the impact on other operations and maintaining the most up-to-date data possible.

Customers can continuously query, enrich and run analysis on a live data stream in-transit rather than query the data after it has reached the target database or data warehouse, making it possible to build applications on the pipeline and expand data capabilities without impacting performance.

Striim Cloud on Google Cloud is available today.

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