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Striim Is Solving Three Major Problems Of Real-Time Data Movement: Analytics, Operations & Scale


Guest: Alok Pareek (LinkedIn)
Company: Striim (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Striim focuses on real-time data movement which solves three problems for their customers: Real-time analytics, real-time operations, and real-time data movement at a large scale.

In Founder and Executive Vice President of Products at Striim, Alok Pareek‘s, words, “Our customers are trying to just rewrite their applications, either for digital transformation or to take advantage of new customer experiences. To provide better, more agile, faster services, you need to have real-time data. And so, we really focused on that specific market.”

But is there a market for real-time data? Striim believes the outlook and framework of products like IBM’s InfoSphere are very batch-oriented and that, according to Pareek, “introduces a very interesting problem that when you move things in batches, let’s say, end of day, or sometimes for very large companies that have just massive volumes of data, it might be three to five days. The freshness of that data may or may not be sufficient.” With real-time data, it’s a very interactive outlook.

The market for real-time data is very diverse. Striim has customers in the banking and financial sector, healthcare, travel, logistics, transportation, and retail.

With regards to the modernization of data architecture, Pareek says it’s “important to make sure that modernization principles are being applied to the data itself. So, if you have data which is, let’s say in certain formats, that may not be easily shareable or accessible, then as part of not only converging and consolidating data across multiple systems, could you also modernize it so that it’s easily shareable.” Pareek goes on to mention the concepts of  citizen data, or data democratization, where we “want to look at data in very different ways to kind of understand what value could they add to the business. So, in a sense, I think data becomes the product at some point.”

Version 4.0 of the Striim platform helps make things simple and automated, with out-of-the-box wizards to ease the complexity for users and much-improved monitoring.

The summary of the show is written by Jack Wallen 

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