Styra Registers 3x Revenue Growth In 2020


Styra has announced 2020 results, including over 300 percent growth year-over-year, 90 percent headcount increase and record-breaking open source project success.

The rapid adoption of Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS), the company’s turnkey enterprise security solution built on the recently graduated open-source project OPA, can be attributed to accelerating global demand for an authorization solution that meets the flexibility and scale requirements of Kubernetes and cloud-native environments—due in no small part to a newly remote workforce and need for highly available cloud-based applications and services.

This business momentum comes in parallel with the amazing traction of OPA, which was awarded graduated status from the CNCF after meeting the foundation’s criteria for community growth and project adoption with downloads increasing from 6 million to over 35 million in 2020 alone.

In March 2018, Styra donated OPA to the CNCF, then in April 2019, the organization moved OPA to incubating status.

With the announcement from CNCF at the beginning of February 2021, OPA became the 15th open-source project and the first focused on authorization to reach graduation.

During 2020, Styra tripled customer count as well as revenue, with over 40 percent of new customers in the Global Fortune 2,000 and 25 percent in the Global Fortune 500. Over 60 percent of new customers were in a highly regulated industry, and new customer wins include the European Patent Office, Capital One and Zalando.

Styra continues to add headcount in all areas to support anticipated growth, especially in the areas of sales, engineering, customer success and developer advocacy. In 2021, the company has already made several hires to its senior leadership team including naming Paul Murphy as vice president of sales and Steve Erickson as vice president of engineering.

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