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SUSE’s Embrace of OpenStack Airship | Matthew Johns Interview


In this interview, Matthew Johns – Global Product and Solutions Marketing Manager at SUSE talks about OpenStack Airship and why SUSE is embracing the project. We also talked about the evolution of the OpenStack Project itself.

Airship, a collection of loosely coupled but interoperable open source tools that declaratively automate cloud provisioning, is available in its first release today. Airship 1.0 delivers a wide range of enhancements to security, resiliency, continuous integration and documentation, as well as upgrades to the platform, deployment and tooling features.

00:00:46 What SUSE is doing with Airship
00:02:14 Evolution of OpenStack
00:03:17 SUSE’s involvement with Airship
00:04:26 How is SUSE commercializing Airship
00:04:57 Next release of SUSE OpenStack Cloud
00:05:51 Upgrading OpenStack Is A Challenge

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