Syntax’s CxLink Enables SAP Customers To Innovate With Greater Ease


Syntax has announced the release of CxLink, an advanced business application hyperscaler software development kit that enables SAP customers to innovate with greater ease. With CxLink, SAP users will now have additional capabilities to scale their system architecture as customer demands increase.

CxLink is fully managed by Syntax and is continuously updated to include the latest AWS and SAP features and functions, providing the most robust services on the market. Some CxLink products are available in both the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and the SAP App Center, but even more critical, all solutions are SAP-native and SAP-certified.

SAP environments often have multiple data stores that need backup but require different routines for each storage system. CxLink Backup extends SAP applications to consolidate multiple AWS tools into a single product with a simple interface, providing more efficient, faster backup and recovery of SAP data.

Data retention is critical for modern business, however storage management can be complex and expensive. SAP has minimal functionality to support data retention policies. CxLink Archive allows customers to efficiently manage which data goes into which S3 storage tier, optimizing retention and access policies and costs.

Integrated into SAP, CxLink Documents consolidates multiple AWS tools into a single product with a simple interface. This provides more efficient, faster document storage, access and recovery of SAP data, so customers can easily define retention policies for all SAP documents and link policies to S3 storage classes to optimize cost savings.

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