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Sysdig’s New Drift Control Capability Helps Prevent Container Attacks At Runtime


Sysdig, the unified container and cloud security company, has announced Drift Control to prevent container attacks at runtime. Teams can detect, prevent, and speed incident response for containers that were modified in production, also known as container drift.

Additionally, Sysdig enhanced malware and cryptomining detection with new threat intelligence feeds from Proofpoint Emerging Threats (ET) Intelligence and the Sysdig Threat Research Team.

New critical vulnerabilities uncovered, including Log4j and Spring4Shell, are a reminder that threat detection is critical both in the cloud and data center. This detection needs to provide multiple layers of protection. Sysdig, using the Falco open source project, the de facto standard for cloud-native threat detection, covers all of the common system intrusion attack categories identified in Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report.

With this announcement, Sysdig adds additional layers of detections. The first uses enhanced malware and cryptomining detection with the Proofpoint threat feeds for known and emerging threats. Drift Control, the second additional technique, enforces the immutability principle, providing a preventative defense layer to cloud-native workloads.

Container immutability ensures that container software is not modified during its lifetime, preserving consistency from source to run and preventing actions that could be part of an attack.

Sysdig Secure customers have access to Drift Control and new threat feeds now and for new customers, it is included in Sysdig Secure at no additional cost.

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