Kyligence has announced the general availability of the Tableau Connector for Kyligence. The connector enables Tableau customers to concurrently analyze large datasets with sub-second response times from cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, AWS, and Microsoft.

The Tableau Connector for Kyligence provides Tableau users transparent access to the Kyligence high-speed AI-augmented, intelligent precomputation layer. According to the company, it enables much greater scale, performance, and concurrency for their BI and machine learning tasks.

Kyligence Cloud features a unified semantic layer that provides transparent security and row-level, column-level, and table-level access controls of back end data.

The connector also provides SQL grammar and function compatibilities and can be easily deployed without requiring additional data engineering.

Tableau users can now Live Connect to petabytes of data with previously unattainable performance, the company added.

The Kyligence Connector for Tableau is easy to download and install from the Tableau Extension Gallery.

The connector is compatible with both Kyligence Enterprise and Kyligence Cloud.

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