Tachyum announced that it has successfully completed a demonstration showing its Prodigy Universal Processor running faster than any other processor, HPC or AI chips, including ones from NVIDIA and Intel.

This is the latest of many recent milestones achieved by Tachyum as the company prepares for Prodigy’s product release next year.

Tachyum said it demonstrated how its computational operation and the speed of its product design, using an industry-standard Verilog simulation of the actual Prodigy post layout hardware, is the superior solution to current competitive offerings.

Not only does Prodigy execute instructions at very high speeds, but Tachyum now has an infrastructure implemented for automatically checking correct results from the Verilog RTL. As the company puts it, these automated tests check Verilog output for correctness compared to Tachyum’s C-model, which was used to measure performance, and is now the ‘Golden Model’ for the Verilog hardware simulation to ensure it produces identical, step-by-step results.

This verification milestone increases Tachyum’s productivity and its ability to test the Prodigy hardware design efficiently in order to find bugs and correct them prior to tape-out. With this latest accomplishment, Tachyum is said to have automated the constrained random test generation capability, which further adds to its productivity.

Dr. Radoslav Danilak, Tachyum founder and CEO, explains: “We set out to produce the highest performance, lowest energy and most cost- efficient processor for the hyperscale, HPC and AI marketplace and these milestones are proving that we are achieving those goals. With a product that is faster than the fastest Intel Xeon or NVIDA A100 Chips, Prodigy is nearing all of its stated objectives and remains on track to make its debut as planned next year.”

Prodigy, the company’s flagship Universal Processor, will enter volume production in 2021.

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