Taos Launches Cloud Advisory Services Suite And DevSecOps Security Subscription Service


Taos, an IBM Company, has announced two new offerings — Taos Cloud Advisory Services and DevSecOps Now — to accelerate customers’ cloud adoption and secure their environments using modern agile delivery and management methodology.

According to the company, Taos Cloud Advisory Services is a suite of outcome-driven strategic consulting services that enable customers to maximize opportunities presented by the public cloud while reducing implementation risks. The suite develops a customized modernization strategy across infrastructure, applications and data while reducing security risks and optimizing costs. It leverages the Taos Navigator Methodology that has guided clients on their journey to digital transformation and cloud adoption.

The first advisory service in the suite is the Application Modernization Advisory Service, created to increase the adoption of containerized workloads by providing expert guidance tailored to customer needs. This service offers a customized blueprint for applications that can be re-platformed through containerization and for monolithic applications that can be re-architected into a microservices architecture. The prescriptive and strategic roadmap from the advisory service reduces risks and accelerates a customer’s journey into a modernized and containerized application environment.

Building on the success of the DevOps Now subscription service, Taos also announced the availability of DevSecOps Now, which makes the Taos expertise in security and DevOps available through a simple and flexible monthly subscription service.

Taos DevSecOps Now service is designed to eliminate security issues during development, which is far more cost-effective than retrofitting security into production solutions. As part of this subscription, Taos security consultants with a focus on DevOps principles work alongside customer teams to harden their security posture in an agile manner in hyperscaler environments.

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