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Teleport 9 Adds Machine ID To Simplify Certificate Management For IT Infrastructure


Teleport has announced the latest edition of the open-source Teleport Access Plane. Teleport 9 introduces Teleport Machine ID which delivers identity-based access and audit for infrastructure resources like servers and databases, CI/CD automation, service accounts and custom code in applications such as microservices.

By providing a unified identity-based access solution for both engineers and machines, Teleport 9 empowers organizations to implement security best practices and meet compliance requirements. Through Teleport, the identities of all users, infrastructure resources and custom coded applications are mapped to specific roles that authorize the resources they can access, with the boundaries that fit each role. The access events initiated by infrastructure resources and applications are logged, tracked and monitored using the same, robust controls that Teleport provides for engineers.

In addition to Machine ID, Teleport 9 brings a host of new features. Teleport Desktop Access, which provides access and audit capabilities for Window Servers and Desktops, is now generally available and adds Windows session recordings, Clipboard copy-and-paste, and multi-factor authentication.

Additionally, Teleport Database Access has added support for Redis, MariaDB and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as auto-discovery for Amazon Redshift clusters so that new Redshift instances immediately join the Teleport cluster without manual registration.

Teleport 9 also now supports Moderated Sessions in which multiple authorized individuals must be jointly connected to the same session in order to increase security and compliance in critical systems.

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