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Tencent’s Database Hosting Service Achieves 85% Performance Boost Using Intel oneAPI Tools


Tencent has enhanced the performance of its database hosting service, TencentDB for MySQL. Based on the open source relational database management system MySQL and built on Intel Xeon processors, TencentDB for MySQL increased its performance by using the advanced Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler and Intel VTune Profiler (part of the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit).

The Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ compiler is used for parallel programming applications and delivers productivity and performance across CPUs and accelerators. Using the compiler, the teams drove link time optimization (LTO) and profile-guided optimization (PGO) methods that helped Tencent build a high-performance MySQL.

With LTO, the compiler applied various forms of intraprocedural optimization (IPO) to the entire program, allowing for deeper analysis, more optimization and better program performance. PGO provides information to the compiler about areas of an application that are most frequently executed. Together, these techniques delivered up to an 85% performance improvement for TencentDB applications.

Intel VTune Profiler was used to collect the performance of MySQL based on the default configuration and to identify and analyze hot spots in call stacks to find additional areas to maximize performance.

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