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Terri Schlosser, SUSE | Open Infrastructure Summit, Denver


In this episode of TFIR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya (Founder & Editor in Chief of TFIR) sat down with Terri Schlosser, Head of Product, Technical and Solution Marketing at SUSE to talk about how Open Source is driving innovation in the IoT space.

Guest: Terri Schlosser, Head of Product, Technical and Solution Marketing, SUSE
Host: Swapnil Bhartiya – Founder & Editor in Chief of TFIR

Topics Discussed
00:00:26 Experience at Open Infrastructure Summit
00:02:15 IoT in Healthcare
00:03:39 Demand for SUSE for Power Systems
00:04:45 Challenges of handing data for IoT devices
00:06:37 Extracting value from data
00:07:59 Next SUSE Enterprise Storage
00:08:52 Complexity of the IoT World
00:13:06 Importance of Open Source

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