Tesla’s New Sensor To Detect Child Left In Hot Cars


Tesla is reportedly working on a new motion-detection sensor that could help detect children being left behind in hot cars. The new technology will also boost theft-prevention systems.

As reported by Reuters, the company has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to seek approval “to use unlicensed millimeter-wave sensors that would operate at higher power levels than allowed under existing rules.”

The report added that the new device would make use of four transmit and three receive antennas driven by a radar front-end unit.

The radar-based system has advantages over other sensing systems in the way that it “provides depth perception and can ‘see’ through soft materials, such as a blanket covering a child in a child restraint,” the report further said.

For the uninitiated, Google has already been given approval by the FCC for a device with identical operating parameters.

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