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Tetrate’s GetIstio Helps Users Install And Manage Istio


Tetrate has launched an open source distribution of upstream Istio called GetIstio that makes it easier for users to deploy and upgrade validated Istio.

The latest initiative from Tetrate helps provide safe, vetted Istio distributions for both upstream and FIPS compliant versions – tested against AKS, EKS and GKE. It also offers an optional CLI that makes Istio easier to use, and build a community that brings together Istio and Envoy users and technology partners enriched by knowledge sharing and training.

Biweekly community meetings will provide a forum for practitioners and partners to share use cases and solutions with the rest of the Istio and Envoy Proxy community.

The inaugural meeting is scheduled for Feb. 18, 2021. A free online training on the fundamentals of Istio is also available now.

Istio and Envoy present a new way to secure application communication by adhering to fundamental security best practices.

For an end-to-end mTLS implementation, if enterprises want to leverage their preferred CA, this is made possible using the CSR API. Through its GetIstio initiative, Tetrate is already collaborating with AppviewX, KeyFactor and Venafi for integrations.

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