TFiR Influencer Editorial Marketing Membership

A Video Is Worth A Million Words

Make your story impactful, influential and relevant with high-quality videos instead of scrolling thousands of words.

Short videos are the king of the digital marketing world. You need a partner that knows the industry and has the expertise to create content that engages your audience and shares your messages quickly and efficiently. TFiR is known for its in-depth content and professional-quality video production.

We create a continuous stream of high-quality video content that increases awareness, visibility, and strengthens your position within the technology ecosystem. We have successfully worked with key industry players, from large foundations and tech giants to start-ups and non-profits. Our fast-growing YouTube community is proof of this.

Video production is expensive. Our lean, agile, cost-effective and highly efficient TFiR video team also acts like an arm of your editorial marketing division. In addition to creating, publishing and amplifying your message through our own platforms, we offer licensed, professional-quality video assets that your editorial and marketing teams can leverage in many ways:

  • Use licensed video clips for marketing and lead generation
  • Enrich blogs on your sites by embedding videos directly into them.
  • Your content team can use our video transcripts as source material to write blogs and press releases for earned media.
  • Organize panels discussions to network with potential partners of the ecosystem
  • Use our videos for product and service announcements
  • Use min-clips on social media

TFiR is the fastest-growing video publication of the ecosystem:

  • 21,000+ subscribers
  • A total of 12 Million Views to date
  • More than 1.5 Million Impressions per month
  • More than 263,000 Views per month
  • Watched for more than 12,300 hours per month
  • Average view rate 2:56 minutes

Market overview

Brand TFiR The Cube DevOps The New Stack VMBlog
Total YouTube Subscribers 21,000 + 24,000 9,700 3,000 1900
Total YouTube Views 12 Million  5.3 Million 449K 157K 530k


Our content service is packaged as VideoPods. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate tier. You get a set amount of videos per tier that you can use when you need them. You can record them on a monthly basis or use them as and when you need it. These video slots never expire as long as you remain a paying member. If you didn’t use your videos in a billing cycle they will roll into the next billing cycle.

We have the most competitive pricing in the industry. We offer monthly billing to keep the overhead cost to zero. You can also easily upgrade or downgrade tiers as your needs change. You are not locked into a yearly commitment, you can cancel anytime you want*.

Tier/Content VideoPod Bronze  VideoPod Silver
(Most Popular)
VideoPod Gold VideoPod Diamond
Recording Slots Up to 6/year 12-16 /year Up to 24/year Up to 36/year
Full-Length Video Up to 6/year 12-16 /year Up to 24/year Up to 36/year
Q&A (automated transcripts)
Summary clips 6 /year 36-40/year 72 -80/year 108-120/year
Social Media Clips 6/year Up to 16/year 24/year 36/year
Marketing, Lead Gen Clips 6/year Up to 16/year 24/year 36/year
Special Shows ** x
Event Coverage* x
Case Studies/Success Stories x
Promo film for events x x 1 2
Branded shows per month  x x 1 2
Licensed Content x Only Social Clips Only Social Clips All Content 
Total (Media Assets)/ year 6 VideoPods (~18+ media assets)/year 12 -16 VideoPods

(~60 media assets)/year

24 VideoPods (120 media assets)/year 36 VideoPods (180 media assets)/year
Cost: Annual contract, billed monthly. Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

Event Coverage: We are offering coverage of up to 3 video interviews at major tech events such as KubeCon for FREE OF COST. These won’t cost against your quota.
Complimentary: Contributed articles, blogs, and videos created by clients, published on

Our VideoPod Video content includes 

  • Let’s Talk: Flagship, talk-show style interviews to cover a wide range of topics.
  • Co-Hosted Show [NEW]: We are introducing a co-hosted show where we facilitate the recording and production of the show. Talent from the company can co-host the show to drive the discussion, after initial introductions by Swapnil.
  • Listicle Shows: These are very well-produced talking head videos with graphs and visuals. The format of the show is to get either executives or top developers to share their 3-5 insights into the topic. A good example could be 5 Ways To Plan SRE Strategy
  • How-Tos: These are not your typical technical howtos, these are insights by executives and developers sharing their insights into ‘How To approach xyz problem.”
  • Featured: A multi-guest mini-documentary on the story of a start-up. We get multiple folks from the company to tell the story of how the company came into existence and what problem they are solving.
  • TFiR NewsRoom: Short and focused interviews to deep-dive into company announcements and press releases.
  • TFiR Insights: Discussions with tech leaders to share their insights into technologies and businesses.
  • TFiR Panels: Online panel discussions.
  • TFiR Demo/Tutorials: Short and tightly scripted/edited demos and tutorials presented by client talent, produced by TFiR.


  • Turnaround time: The video will be ready for publication within 2-3 business days (from the time we receive all footage). The client chooses the publishing date and gets to preview/review the video before it’s published.
  • Company bio and link to the desired page on coverage.
  • All content that’s created as part of the VideoPod membership will be published on our YouTube channel.
  • All generated content will be amplified via social channels.
  • Company branding will be visible throughout the video.
  • The name of the company, logo, and summary will appear on the Members page of TFiR.
  • Licensed copies of Social Media Clips & Marketing/Lead Gen Clips that can be re-used by your marketing teams.


What are Social Media Clips?
Social Media Clips are mini clips (up to 2 minutes long) created for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We offer one SMC per video. We offer a video file of the clip that you can publish on your social media platform.

What are Summary clips?
Summary Clips are excerpts from the produced videos focussing on a topic or question. The clips are published on TFiR Properties.

What are Marketing, Lead Generation clips?
Marketing, Lead Generation clips are hand-picked excerpts from the produced videos that can be used by the client for marketing and lead generation purposes. We offer licenced media files that you can publish on your own properties.

What are promo videos?
Promo Videos are professional 90-second commercials (advertisements). It could be about a topic, event, service or product. It’s a mix of voice over (optional), royalty-free b-rolls, royalty-free music and screenshots/screencast. We work with clients to create the script for the promo. We need 2 weeks to produce a promo video.

What is a media asset?
We offer a licenced copy of the media asset that clients can publish on their own social media platforms and YouTube channels. The licenced media assets include Summary Clips, SMC and Marketing, Lead Generation Clips. Full length content is published on our properties for Silver to Gold tier. Diamond members get licenced copies of full length content. You are free to embed them on your own sites.

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