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A Video Is Worth A Million Words
Videos are the future of content marketing. Make your stories impactful, influential, and relevant with short, high-quality videos instead of thousands of written words. A continuous stream of video content increases awareness, and visibility, and strengthens your position within the technology ecosystem.

TFiR is known for its in-depth content and professional-quality video production and has one of the largest YouTube audiences targeted at developers, DevOps, DevSecOps, SREs, etc. We have successfully partnered with key industry players, from large foundations and tech giants to start-ups and non-profits. Our fast-growing YouTube community is proof of this.

TFiR YouTube Stats
Our primary publishing platform is YouTube and “” serves as a catalog to curate our YouTube content.

  • Total Subscribers: 22,100
  • Average subscriber growth of around 150-300 subscribers per month
  • Total Views on YouTube: Over 12.9 million to date

What Do You Get?
We create professional video content that your marketing teams can leverage in many different ways:

  1. Full-length TFiR branded video can be published on TFiR’s youtube channel to share with our 22,000-strong audiences.
  2. We can create a ‘white label’ version of the video for you with your branding on it that can be hosted on your own channel to share with your own audience.
  3. We create branded and/or white label social media clips that your social media teams can use to reach a wider audience on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.
  4. Your content marketing team can use transcripts from the videos to write company/community blogs or for earned media.

What to expect 
We are in the business of content creation. We don’t directly generate leads. We create content for you that your marketing teams use to drive traffic and generate leads. 

What’s the ROI?
Rich video content on both TFiR and your own properties provides your marketing teams with influential content they can use to drive business and grow community and customers.

Plans & Pricing 
We offer flexible membership plans. We offer monthly billing to keep the overhead cost to zero. You can easily upgrade or downgrade tiers as your needs change. You can cancel anytime you want. Packages start at as low as $1000 per month (special KubeCon discount).

Tier/Service Silver  Gold Diamond
Recording Slots 12 Videos / Year 24 Videos/Year 36 Videos / Year
Full-Length Shows
To The Point Clips
White Lable Content
Branded Shows
Event Coverage One Event/Year Two Events/Year
Promo Video One per event One per event
Total Video Assets 60 170 255
Monthly Billing
Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

Our branded content includes:

  • Let’s Talk: Flagship, talk-show style interviews to cover a wide range of topics.
  • Newsroom: Short and crisp interviews around news announcements.
  • Insights: Talk show style interview to dive deeper into a specific topic.
  • To The Point: Summary clips from full-length videos to focus on key topics.
  • Demo/Tutorials: Short, tightly scripted/edited demos and tutorials presented by your talent, produced by TFiR. (duration: under 10 minutes.
  • Special Shows: You will have full access to all our special shows like ‘Prediction Videos’, which won’t count against your allotted recording slots. These are on the house.
  • Event Coverage: We offer event coverage to Gold & Diamond members. You can use the number of videos from your quota for the events. In-person event coverage depends on our availability. The client pays for Lodging & Travel.
  • Branded Shows: Run your own branded show on the topic of your choice. We have successfully hosted branded shows like Scaling Infrastructure as Code, State of Energy, Open For Business, SecureIT, and more.

How It Works: 
All you have to do is show up on camera. We manage the entire process of video production for you, starting from capturing the footage of your guests to producing and distributing the final product.

  1. We work with your teams to choose a topic and book a recording slot with your spokesperson.
  2. Once all footage is captured, our editing teams weave it into a polished video. We share a copy of the final video with your teams for review. Once approved, we create mini-clips (also called To The Point) from the video to focus on key topics for targeted impact.
  3. Videos are released at the date and time of your choice.
  4. We share a copy of the transcript with your team so they can write blog posts for your own site or other publications.
  5. We provide you with video files of social media clips so you can post them on your own social media channels.
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