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The Future Of Work Is Remote: Carol Teskey


Carol Teskey is the Director of Global People Operations at GitLab. She joined GitLab from a traditional company and she could see huge differences between the culture of a modern all-remote company and legacy companies. While the first industrial revolution broke our families – which lead to many problems – the fourth industrial revolution may bring families back again and GitLab is writing the playbook for the future of work culture.

Topics we covered in this interview:
00:00:16 How does an HR team look like at all remote company like GitLab?
00:00:58 Why do we really need HR for a company where everyone is working from home?
00:01:52 Comparison with traditional/legacy work culture?
00:04:05 How do you offer orientation to those who join GitLab?
00:05:31 How GitLab’s culture empowers people to have better work-life balance
00:06:26 We actually help families in having quality time
00:07:18 How Teskey herself manages her own work-life balance?
00:08:09 What advice do you have for those who want to start their companies on the same principles?

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