No code needed to build AI models


China is leading the AI race, leaving the US and the rest of the world behind. The Chinese Internet giant Baidu seems all prepared to make a dent in the $3.9T industry. Baidu has launched a no-code platform called EZDL, that makes it easy for virtually anyone to build, design, and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) models in a convenient way.

Aimed at small and medium businesses, EZDL helps build custom machine learning models with a drag-and-drop interface. It is claimed to be easy-to-use, fast, high-performance, and highly secure.

As Yongkang Xie, Tech Lead of Baidu EZDL, puts it, it “takes only four steps to train a deep learning model, built specifically for your unique business needs.”

“Even if you have had no exposure to programming, you can quickly build models on this platform with zero barriers. EZDL can help companies with limited AI experts and computing resources to quickly and efficiently complete deep learning training and deployment with only a small amount of data,” he explains.

According to the company, EZDL opens up capabilities in image classification, object detection, and sound classification.

It is interesting to note here the small size of the training data sets required to create AI models:

  • For image classification and object recognition, EZDL needs just 20 to 100 images per label.
  • For sound classification, all it requires is 50 audio files.
  • The training can be completed between 10 minutes and a maximum of one hour depending on the model.

Once a model has been trained, it is easy to download the algorithm as a SDK (that supports a range of operating systems, including Android and iOS) or upload into a public or private cloud platform.

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