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Three Constituencies Of Cloud-Native World | Larry Carvalho, RobustCloud


Veteran analyst and consultant Larry Carvalho joins me at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 in Valencia to talk about the trends he is seeing in the cloud-native space. He identified three main constituencies of the cloud-native world: users, SaaS providers like Salesforce and Infrastructure providers like AWS, Azure and GCP. He also talked about the role each plays in the massive ecosystem of the cloud-native world.

Key highlights of this video interview are:

  • Carvalho discusses the different ways companies are adopting cloud-native technologies and for what purpose. He discusses how cloud technologies are being used to deliver value to their customers and the changes he is seeing.
  • Carvalho describes the three major players making up the cloud-native ecosystem and how they are utilizing the technologies to deliver value to their customers.
  • Adoption of cloud-native technologies is not just limited to traditional technology players, with a lot of startups utilizing no-code or low-code powered by cloud-native technologies. Although there is an increasing demand for applications, lack of resources can pose problems. Carvalho discusses the impact this is having on application development today.
  • Carvalho explains the new areas of innovation in cloud-native technologies he is seeing and how businesses are capturing value from them. He discusses how edge computing is being used by companies and the return on investment they are getting from deploying edge solutions.

Connect with Larry Carvalho (LinkedIn)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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