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Three Cs Of Strapi’s Vision: Create, Connect and Collaborate 


Guest: Pierre Burgy (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Strapi (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

The company behind the open-source Strapi CMS platform has received some recent updates, which included a single sign-on for enterprise users, content internationalization so companies can manage content in many different languages, the organization of StrapiConf (an event centered around the Strapi community), a 40k user GitHub milestone, as well as other important milestones of 5 million downloads and 700 contributors. Finally, the company announced Strapi v4.

According to Pierre Burgy, Co-Founder and CEO of Strapi, Strapi v4 “is really the result and the beginning of our long-term vision for providing a really good developer experience and building a large ecosystem of plugins.” Burgy continues, “We drastically improve the performance of Strapi by providing a brand new query builder. As a result, we provided a much more powerful REST API and RESTful API with very advanced filters and advanced data querying.”

The Strapi UI has also undergone a redesign, which Burgy says, “We are really committed to making great things for the community. We listen a lot and we make things for our users.” Burgy adds, “Care is one of our core values and we really wanted to invest in accessibility. And there’s also a need for the community to build those plugins with a very consistent design.”

When asked who is using Strapi, Burgy responded that the vast majority of the Strapi use cases are corporate websites that are made with Next.js, Vue.js, and Angular. Developers want to use all of those frameworks to build faster websites, and headless CMS are definitely a good fit.” Burgy also adds that editorial websites, blogs, and content marketing are big use cases for Strapi.

As to the future of the company, Burgy states, “Our vision is articulated around Create, Connect, and Collaborate. Create is about the developer experience. Connect is about building this large ecosystem of plugins and collaboration is about providing a great editing experience.”

The summary of the show is written by Jack Wallen

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