Torque Enterprise Features Enhanced Terraform Integration


Quali has announced the latest release of Torque Enterprise, which includes enhanced integration with Terraform, new custom tagging capabilities, and improved cost visibility dashboards. The company also launched a new free tier specifically designed to accelerate DevOps for individual users and small teams.

Torque’s expanded feature set provides a standard and consistent way to extend the value of investments in existing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) assets while offering additional governance and cost visibility.

With new out-of-the-box support for Terraform integration, Torque enables organizations to leverage their existing investments in Terraform and scale it out to hundreds or thousands of developers, while at the same time, ensuring governance and compliance standards are maintained without any additional coding and development effort. By giving application developers self-service access to fully defined blueprints instead of raw IaC scripts, organizations can also ensure that environments are provisioned to spec, access to cloud accounts is closely managed, and security protocols are implemented consistently.

Existing cost visibility dashboards have been expanded, so administrators can now view cloud costs by user, team, application, cloud provider and activity from multiple levels of granularity across time. This feature delivers better insights into cloud spending trends, differences between cloud providers and the cost of development versus production deployments.

Torque provides an out-of-the-box, pre-defined automatic environment tagging feature that mitigates burdensome manual reporting processes. The latest release of Torque allows administrators to define custom tags that can be applied when deploying environments.

Torque’s free tier includes the ability to build environments on AWS and Azure, access Torque from common CLI, API, and IDE tools, integrate the environments into CI/CD pipelines, and access a sample blueprint library. It also includes support through its recently launched Community platform.

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