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Traceable AI Adds eBPF To Its Security Platform


Traceable AI, the API security and observability company, has announced the addition of extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) data to its platform. As the first company to utilize ePBF for API security, Traceable helps CISOs, DevSecOps, and DevOps teams obtain deeper observability and visibility into APIs without additional instrumentation or latency — radically advancing companies’ API security posture.

With its foundation in Linux, eBPF is a kernel technology that allows programs to run without having to change the kernel source code or add additional instrumentation. For Traceable AI, the benefits come from eBPF’s deep data, pulled from the application environment.

When combined with Traceable AI’s technology, this non-intrusive, robust and highly efficient approach provides customers 360-degree observability and visibility into all API activity.

According to Sanjay Nagaraj, co-founder and CTO of Traceable AI, eBPF is critical for the most efficient API security at scale and is especially important for businesses with high-performance security requirements.

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