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Traditional Security Vendors Will Struggle: 2021 Predictions By Sonrai Security


Brendan Hannigan, CEO of Sonrai Security shares his predictions for 2021. According to Hannigan,

  • There will be more complex breaches as hackers have increased knowledge of public clouds and the vulnerabilities in how these environments are set up.
  • Traditional security teams responsible for running fusion centers, running firewalls and traditional endpoints will struggle with relevance.
  • Traditional security providers are going to continue to struggle with securing these public cloud environments and building products that are suitable for that world. The traditional security approaches, processes and technologies of the past don’t easily apply to this new world.
  • The focus will be all about non-people identities (serverless functions, computes, containers, etc.) — what they do in the clouds and what rights they have.
  • There will be a shift to hybrid working environments.
    Companies will take their best cybersecurity engineers and put them in cloud teams.
  • There will be mass adoption of cloud for production PII across the financial services world.
  • The adoption of Microsoft Azure will continue to grow.


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