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Traefik Hub Helps Developers Instantly Publish, Secure, And Scale Cloud-Native Services


Traefik Labs is a startup focused on the area of cloud-native networking. When the company was founded five years ago, organizations were moving to Docker container deployments and the need for reverse proxy changed. Before Traefik was launched, organizations had to manually reconfigure their routing rules every time the appointment changes, requiring lots of manual effort.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Manuel Zapf, Product Manager at Traefik Labs, sits down with Swapnil Bhartiya to introduce him to Traefik and discuss how they are simplifying the cloud and microservices adoption journey for enterprises. He goes into detail about Traefik’s latest product, Traefik Hub, and how it is helping to publish and secure containers at the edge.

Key highlights from this video interview are:

  • Traefik Labs was founded five years ago by open sourcing reverse proxy traffic. The company aims to solve the problem with companies shifting to microservice-based architectures. Zapf gives an introduction to the company and the problems it is solving.
  • Adoption in all container-based deployments and patterns has grown since the launch of Traefik Labs. In the last year or two, more organizations have successfully managed to overcome their initial struggles turning old monolithic applications into more modern container-based deployments. Zapf discusses the progression he is seeing.
  • Traefik has launched the open beta of its newest product, Traefik Hub, a cloud-native networking platform that aims to help publish and secure containers at the edge instantly. Zapf explains the capabilities of Traefik Hub and how it is accelerating the go-to-market speed for applications.
  • The open beta launch is predominantly targeting developers. Zapf shares how they can benefit from Traefik Hub to take network-related tasks off their hands and allow for more time writing code.
  • The shift left movement was meant to break silos, but soft silos still remain today and more things are moving into the developers’ pipeline. Zapf shares how Traefik’s approach is to embrace the movement and enable teams to do their jobs quickly.
  • Open source has been at the heart of Traefik since its launch. Zapf discusses why open source is so important for the company and how it shapes Traefik’s products.

Connect with Manuel Zapf (LinkedIn, Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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