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TriggerMesh Open Source Integration Platform For Kubernetes Now Available


TriggerMesh has announced the launch of the TriggerMesh Integration Platform as an open source project for building event-driven architecture available under the Apache Software License 2.0.

TriggerMesh’s platform takes an event-driven approach to integration, consuming messages from various sources (e.g. AWS SQS, Google Storage, Azure Activity Logs), filtering and transforming them, combining processing capabilities with serverless functions and connecting with message sinks (e.g. Elasticsearch, AWS S3, Apache Kafka). TriggerMesh can integrate with legacy enterprise services buses (ESBs) like MuleSoft, TIBCO, IBM MQ, and RabbitMQ to create workflows across applications or data sinks to other systems (e.g. Azure Data Lakes or Snowflake).

Commercially, TriggerMesh provides support and services as well as a graphical user interface that offers a visual integration editor, enterprise authentication and authorization with organizational support, and the capability to develop custom integration components.

The company will be providing free training on TriggerMesh Open Source to help developers and cloud operators deploy and extend TriggerMesh.

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