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Trilio’s Continuous Restore Is A Game Changer In A Distributed World | David Safaii


Trilio has announced a new ‘Continuous Restore’ capability within TrilioVault for Kubernetes, which can send one single source of truth to multiple clouds or storage environments simultaneously. The ability for continuous replication accelerates RTO from a disaster recovery perspective. While in some public cloud instances hyperscalers may just provide cluster recovery, not application and data recovery with Trilio, you have the ability to stage that data and have that failover instantaneously. The product will be made generally available in Q3 2022.

“You may want to have data somewhere and the application somewhere, but I also want to empower you to have it everywhere. And I think that’s evolutionary and revolutionary,” says David Safaii, CEO at Trilio.

  • One of the key use cases for Trilio is with testing with production data. Safaii explains that often people create data, and if they are dealing with compliance or regulatory things, they want to obfuscate that data. He explains how with Trilio people can pre-position data, but move data as required.
  • With the Continuous Restore capability, you can reach out to the edge, curate the data, and do more with it since you have that one single layer. Safaii goes into detail with the use case of edge cloud and how Trilio can help.
  • With people starting their Kubernetes journey, building their applications and getting ready to deploy these applications, they need to have backup and disaster recovery. Safaii explains how Trilio helps solve these challenges, helping with migrating workloads between clusters and different clouds.
  • Some organizations have to repatriate workloads back to on-premises. Safaii discusses how Trilio can help organizations manage their costs by enabling them to move the application and data to any cloud, and to scale down if they choose to.
  • As ransomware attacks can happen, having a backup and disaster recovery are a necessity. Safaii discusses how serious the risk to data protection is in the cloud compared to traditional IT. He explains what organizations can do to protect themselves and how Trilio is helping.
  • Security is not just a product or process, it is a culture. Safaii explains why the cultural aspect is so important to an organization and the benefit it brings.

Connect with David Safaii (LinkedIn, Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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